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Best 1000 Watt Solar Kit With Battery And Inverter [Off Grid]

We have electricity in every field of life from washing to cooking. Hospitals, schools, homes, farms every place in this world needs a continuous electricity connection. In hospitals, we can’t imagine one minute without electricity.

Other than that we need electricity to live a comfortable and smooth lifestyle. Aside from the importance of electricity, we must include its resources.

Because there are limited resources of electricity including thermal, atomic, and wind. Aside from being limited, some electricity resources are very expensive.

Sun, a great source of electricity? 

In this modern world of technology, we have discovered some amazing resources for electricity. Sun is a great source of light and we can convert this light into electricity. One of the most amazing facts about the solar panel is that it is unlimited.

We can make electricity from sunlight throughout our life without any deficiency. You know that solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity and make our life more comfortable.

Sun is a great source of electricity and it is forever and unlimited. Sun removes the darkness of night and brings a beautiful morning. But the solar panels are designed to bring light into our lives even during the night.

Benefits of solar panels

Solar panels have been lighting the darkness of this world for many years. A solar panel is used to convert light energy into electricity so that you enjoy your life in a better way. Another benefit of solar panels is their eco-friendly behavior.

In all of the electricity production procedures, we have to deal with pollution. In the process of thermal electricity production, we need to deal with air pollution. Atomic energy also emits harmful radiation that can damage skin cells.

Wind power plants make pollution-free electricity but it’s not applicable in all areas. Wind pressure changes according to areas in this world. But the sun remains the same throughout the region.

That’s why the sun is considered one of the most reliable, safe, and powerful sources of electricity. Sun sends millions and trillions of rays to the earth every day. These rays would have been wasted until we discovered the solar panels.

Reliable solar panel kits 

Every company claims to manufacture top-quality solar panels and complete solar kits. A solar panel is put into the sunlight and a battery is attached to it. The battery converts the light energy into electric energy and capacitors stored in it.

This electric energy is then utilized to run multiple electrical appliances such as fans, bulbs, small A/C, refrigerators, and almost every electrical appliance.

A small solar panel can produce enough electricity to run bulbs and a fan. If you get a complete solar kit setup you can produce enough energy to set all the electrical devices.

One of the great advantages of having a solar kit set up is its cost-effectiveness. You have to pay electricity bills every month. It’s a continuous process and you can’t utilize electricity without paying bills. Solar energy setup is a one-time investment.

You only need a high-quality solar panel set up and whole day sunlight that’s all. You don’t have to pay bills regularly. Moreover, solar panels are waterproof, dustproof, and can resist snow. Therefore maintenance cost is also negligible.

Goosun 1000 Watt Solar Panel Kit

  • Size: 1000W with Battery
  • Brand Goosun
  • Material Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Item Weight 1 Pounds
  • AC Adapter Current 60 Amps
  • Maximum Voltage 12 Volts

Goosun’s 1000 watt solar penal kit is designed to meet your daily energy requirements. It can produce enough energy required to run all of your home appliances. You don’t need to pay electricity bills anymore when you have this amazing offer.

It generates about 160 watts of electricity to meet your daily power consumption requirements. 6 pcs solar penal kit with 6 string combiner allows you to transform your life.

This eco-friendly source of electricity never makes you cross your budget limits. You can start living a better life where there is no tension of electricity bills. You can set up a never-ending electric supply system that costs nothing except initial cost.

Key specs

  • It delivers an output of about 160Watts to run almost all home appliances smoothly.
  • It comes with 12 volts of nominal and 21.2 volts of the peak voltage.
  • It delivers about 8.89 Amp peak current.
  • The solar panel weight is about 10.45 kg.
  • The package contains a 12V 100AH lead-acid battery
  • The box contains 6 pcs 160W Mono Solar Panel and 6 String Combiner

Key benefits 

  • The Goosun’s 1000W solar kit is capable of producing 4kwh daily output. It depends on the sunlight intensity. If you get 4 hours of full sunshine in your area then you can enjoy 4kwh daily output. This is enough power to run a fridge and small A/C, etc. it comes with A-Grade solar panel to generate power efficiently.
  • The solar penal kit features aluminum frames that are cession-free. The aluminum frame adds more life to the kit and makes reliable outdoor use. These factors combine to increase the lifespan of the solar penal system and make it last up to decades.
  • Great application of the solar system in back-up and remote power like use pump, pool, farm, cabin shed roof, RV, trailer, camper van, motorhome, home, etc.

Final Word

A solar penal system is a great option for those who live in areas with 4 to 5 hours of full sunshine. You can get rid of expensive regular electricity bills. Solar penal setup is a one-time investment that gives you a continuous electricity supply without extra charges.

It is eco-friendly and makes our environment healthy. If everyone prefers the solar penal system over polluted resources like thermal, we can save our earth.

We can have an evergreen earth with beautiful nature by choosing better alternatives to electricity. Solar energy is free, unlimited and a healthy option to choose from.

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