300w Flexible Solar Panels

300w Flexible Solar Panels – Kit and Price [Monocrystalline]

In the past, our ancestors simply live their life. But after a time-lapse, there is a tremendous change in technology which makes our lives more easier and reliable. With the quality of the product, the tag of price is also a major cause for the people.

From time to time, all the electricity problems are resolved while giving maximum quality with the least cost of the product. In this era, a renewable energy source is the main target for almost every user while spending much money on their electricity bills.

Its best and reliable alternative is solar panels which are cost-efficient and give you maximum durability. Solar panels provide safe power during any of your events like traveling or camping where ever you want.

Having 300W flexible solar panels with you while camping or enjoying any moment of your life will give you double happiness because it is a reliable and effective option for giving electricity in real-time.

What are 300w Flexible Solar Panels?

There are a variety of solar panels which give you attractive output, but there is no single match with flexible solar panels which can bend easily and you can set your solar panels anywhere you want. Without any hesitation, you can install flexible solar panels at any shorter area of your terrace or during your camping.

You can also take flexible solar panels with you because they are portable and lightweight. Whether you take electricity from flexible solar panels outdoors or you use it on your cars, it will give you effective results. You also transport flexible solar panels easily from one place to another and install them easily.

Flexible solar panels made by the thin film are even rolled completely and fold, but their outcome of the electricity is the same. But the durability of the thin fold solar panels is high than the standard one.

If you are facing a low light scenario then thin-film 300w flexible solar panels will be best for you as they had curved surfaces which means they will give better performance.

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Best Features 300w Flexible Solar Panels

Made by Technology of Mono-Crystalline Cell

In the 21st century, mono cells are new and advanced technology that is used in solar panels to give you maximum durability and provide higher standard quality. Because of these mono cells, 300w flexible solar panels have a high conversion of efficiency.

It means that flexible solar panels will give you surely higher peak efficiency. Also with this, there is another advantage that it will be the longest-lasting solar technology cell. Around the had century is the life expectancy of the flexible solar panels.

A great feature of flexibility

you can easily adjust and manage the angle of 300w flexible solar panels according to the specific need of the area. While installing the flexible solar panels, you don’t need a horizontal surface area where you want to install the solar panels.

Due to the design of flexible solar panels, you can place them on a wider and solid surface. Other solar panels are rigid in shape and often made with tempered glass. But 300w flexible solar panels are more than the standard ones.

Due to its bending feature, you can use it on the top of your car or easily place it on your boat. You can use flexible solar panels on lots of different other applications.

Detailed specifications of 300w Flexible Solar Panels

  • The cell type is Mono-crystalline.
  • It met the standards of Grade A.
  • The maximum wattage of the solar panel is 300W.
  • The maximum voltage of power is 18V only.
  • 1A is the maximum current power.
  • 6V is its open-circuit voltage.
  • 19A is its short circuit current.
  • The total weight of the flexible solar panel is only 3.05KG only.
  • The dimension is approximately 1310 x 710 x 2.5mm.

Detailed benefits of 300w flexible solar panels

The size and weight of solar panels

Thinner and lighter in weight is the best advantage of flexible solar panels, which other solar panels don’t meet. It is lighter and thinner than other conventional solar panels. You can install these solar panels on the top of the car and you feel there is no certain heavyweight while you are driving.

Best versatility

There is much more advantage apart from installing on the rooftop. Not a single car can bear a standard solar panel weight, in this condition flexible solar panels are a great and effective option for you. You can easily roll the solar panels and then install them anywhere you want.

The cost is pocket friendly for all

All other features are great, but the cost-friendly feature is the best of the best feature which attracts people to it easily. At least price you can get high-quality results and it only happens with flexible solar panels.

As they are thin-film layers on it, without any worry you can install it where ever you want. There is no requirement for heavy equipment or any other tools which bother you. With flexible solar panels, heavy-duty are eliminated for roof mounting systems.

Easy Installation

The installation of flexible solar panels is very simple and easy for everyone. That’s why it is considered one of the top-selling points because it comes with metal grommets. These metal grommets are on the edges of solar panels that enables every user to secure them from many surfaces.

Hence, you can hang these solar panels off the side of your cabin with ease. Similarly, you have many more options as you can easily tie them to the roof. Therefore, if you want to fix these solar panels then you do it easily. Hence, you can use adhesive tape and can keep them permanently.


The best thing about these 300W Flexible Solar Panels is that they can easily be transported from one place to another. If you want to change the place of these solar panels then you can pack and take them straight to a campsite without any hesitation.

Thus, you can lay them on the ground and set them to use. Similarly, you can take them and can hang them with the roof or a rack. Just you have to keep an eye on solar lights and check the direction of the sun. So, choose the optimal angle and then adjust them.


As we know that the flexible solar panels are 100% flexible and you can easily use them in any direction. But these are not that kind of flexible in which you can bend them to 30 degrees or more.

But these are flexible than other conventional solar panels who cannot provide the ability to flex them. Hence, you can easily place these special solar panels and adjust them without any risk.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Flexible Solar Panel

Before buying the 300w Flexible Solar panels, you have to consider some special things. These are as follows:


It is the main thing and you need to consider it first. Because the higher wattage will help you to connect more devices and you can plug in more devices for a longer period. Hence, the power matters so much and you have to buy 300W because these are amazing. Therefore, you can easily plug in more devices.


The durability is the most important feature and it depends on the material which is used for its framing and solar panel. As  300W Flexible Solar Panels are made with durable material, they are more durable than conventional solar panels.


There are a lot of standard solar panels there in the market, but 300w flexible solar panels are the great ones for everyone to choose from. Because it will fulfill your all needs and after time you also realize that how efficient these solar panels are.

The electricity working style is so tremendous that you will be the biggest fan of flexible solar panels after time. You can install it on the roof of your car, boat, and home to give you high electricity without causing any problems.

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