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Build Your Own Solar Panel System – Kit And Stand

During this time of energy consumption, solar panels are a great alternative. We use our natural energy sources to overcome the imbalance between demand and availability of electricity. You must be looking for some alternative sources of electricity because we cannot depend on limited sources. Energy from burning natural gases, materials, oils is not a permanent solution. Yes, you can consider wind hydropower electricity sources. But these options are suitable for commercial levels.

On domestic levels, you can consider solar energy. This is a never-ending energy source. It is safe, environment friendly and easy to construct.

In today’s article, you will learn about constructing a solar panel.

But here is a question can you really build a solar panel?

Yes, you can surely build your own solar panel by following some easy instructions. If you successfully follow these instructions you can surely build your own solar panel at home and start producing electricity.

Sometimes, you face some issues while constructing the solar panel. When people try to build a solar panel from scratch then finding the matching equipment is a big challenge. You can build your own solar panel by assembling these kits. But some kits are expensive and the purpose of producing electricity at a lower cost cannot be fulfilled.

If you want to build your own solar panel then you should keep instruments, gadgets, components and equipment ready. Also, the process of building solar panels will be more convenient. Try to purchase components from one seller to get a discount.

How to build a solar panel?

Here is a step by step guide to building your own solar panel conveniently.

Step 1 After determining the size of your system you can design it

Step 2 After completing the design you need to purchase the components

Step 3 You would also have to purchase inverters and raking

Step 4 Install rakings

Step 5 Connect solar panels to racking

Step 6 Install solar inverter

Step-1 Determination of size and designing the system

You need to determine the number of solar panels you need. You can determine the number of required solar panels according to your energy consumption. You also need to note the sun exposure you get throughout the year. Because the number of solar panels determines, how much energy you are going to produce every month.

You can produce sufficient energy for small projects or appliances with a fewer number of panels. You can determine the number of solar panels just by calculating the KWH you need.

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Step-2 Purchasing Components

You are required to buy the following components to build your solar panel.

  1. Solar cells
  2. Pre-soldered wiring
  3. Non-conductive material (wood, glass, or plastic)
  4. Plexiglass

Solar cells 

A solar panel consists of 36 solar cells to produce electricity. In order to convert solar energy into electrical energy you need solar cells.

Pre-soldered wiring

You can purchase Pre-soldered wiring to make the process short and easy. It will help you to complete the process faster. But still, you would have to buy a soldering iron. Also, it is used to string the wire correctly so that it could be connected to the solar cells.

Non-conductive material

In order to connect the components together, wood works best because it is easy to drill holes. After wiring the solar cells together, you are required to glue wood backing. After this you can get all of the wires and cells attached together.

In order to regulate the volts of energy, connect the cells with controller. You can perform this step after wiring.

If you want to protect the solar cells from weather conditions you can make a wooden box. After making all the connections of solar cells and wires you cannot let them be ruined with weather conditions. Therefore a Plexiglass is required to keep your connections safe from moisture, dirt, heat and other environmental factors.

Step-3 purchasing inverters and raking

If you don’t confide in yourself to assemble sunlight powered chargers without any preparation, you can buy a solar panel pack that will accompany more explicit guidelines (and normally racking) to assist with getting your boards. Buying a sun based unit may really be more valuable since it will incorporate racking as of now.

Racking is precarious, you should figure out which racking hardware works for your particular rooftop type or ground mount. It is right around a staggering measure of choices of clasping and mounting gear accessible if you take a gander at discount merchant locales.

Step 4 Install rakings

Before purchasing rakings you need to determine the place you are going to install your solar panel. It means whether your panel is ground-mounted or you are installing it on your roof. After determining the type of raking you need, you can purchase it. Then map the area where you will mount your solar panel and then drill holes to secure the raking.

Step 5 Connect solar panels to racking

You need to use clamps or connectors to secure the raking. If you are buying a packed solar panel system then it usually comes with clamps. If you want to save money and time in collecting and assembling things together, you can choose one seller. Buying from one seller would help you to pick the matching equipment at good rates. Otherwise, you might struggle with material and equipment. Moreover, make sure the parts are matching with the type of your solar panel (ground-mounted or on RV).

Step 6 Install solar inverter

This step demands you to hire a professional. Because this step includes hooking up with an electrical grid. Therefore, we don’t suggest you perform this action by yourself. You can hire professional installer to keep the process safe and productive.

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