dualpow solar charger review

Dualpow Solar Charger Review and Buyer’s Guide 2022

Nowadays, there are lot of solutions to our problems. One of the major problems while going on a trip is how you can fully charge your electronic device easily? There are numerous options to charge your electric devices during your trip but the efficient option is to use a solar charger.

While using a solar charger, you will get enough electric supply to your electric appliances whether it is your mobile or any other device. Solar charger gets electricity from the waves of sunlight and then it produces energy. In this Dualpow Solar charger review, you will get detailed information that hooks you easily towards new technology.

What is Dualpow Solar Charger?

Once you take a dual pow solar charger then you will never choose another solar charger, because it gives you all possible solutions in one solar device. It is the most popular and most valuable electronic device which you can use on numerous occasions to charge your electronic devices when they are run out of battery.

You will get two visible points of charging in dualpow solar power bank. The very first option of charging is to plug your dualpow into an outlet of wall and after that, you can charge it with direct AC power and the second option of charging you will get is from sunlight to charge your dualpow efficiently.

There are small solar panels that are integrated with advanced technology into the dualpow solar power bank, these solar panels are fully capable to transform solar energy into DC. There is a strong lithium battery which stored all the DC electricity in it and after that, you can charge your electric device without any worries.

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How to use dualpow solar charger?

The overall battery capacity of the dualpow solar charger is 30,000mah, which is convenient for you whether you are going on a camping trip or going for any outdoor activities. It will be the best companion for you as a solar charger.

The main and amazing thing is that you can instantly charge your two electronic devices at a time because dualpow solar charger has a dual USB port of output. One USB port of dualpow solar charger has a 5V and 1A output, while the other one will give you fast charging option with the rate of 5V and 2A.

Besides charging outputs of dualpow solar charger, you can use its advanced integrated LED flashlight in any case of emergency when you don’t have any flashlight source. This flashlight of dualpow can be used on camping nights and also you can easily hang this solar charger with the help of a hook.

This hook of the device makes it highly portable. You can find a flashlight on the backside of the dualpow solar charger, by pressing the button twice flashlight will activate.

For reliable use of dualpow, charge it with a wall outlet and it is highly recommended for fastest charging of the power bank. While the other option of solar charge is beneficial for you as a compliment to charge your device during trips or any other outdoor activities.

Amazing and cool features of dualpow solar charger

When you get this solar power bank then you will see its numerous features which are helpful in a real-life scenario, such as:

  • You will get two sources of output in one single device. In an emergency, you can charge dualpow power bank with direct sunlight which makes it a cool and reliable electric gadget.
  • If you have any plan for camping trips or any other outdoor activities, then its battery will charge your electronic device twice. This solar power bank is built with 30,000mah which makes it a more powerful solar gadget for charging.
  • You can charge your device quickly like tablets, cell phone, or any other batteries and this only happen because of the 2A USB port of dualpow solar power bank. Its fast charging option is an attractive feature for you.
  • Also, you will get a feature of the hook, which you can use to hang anywhere you want during your trip.
  • During camping, if you need a flashlight, then dualpow has a unique and LED flashlight feature for you. You just need to press twice the button which you can find at the back of the device.
  • Another feature of this solar charger is that you will get a charging cord, which is approximately 3 feet long.
  • Its color is attractive and the grip of the dualpow solar charger is smooth, so you can easily grab it anywhere with you.

Why dualpow solar charger not working?

If dualpow solar power bank is not charging properly then there are various factors behind its problem, such as:

1. Battery of Dualpow is a full charge but run out fast

Every solar charger batteries have a maximum life of three to four years, so you should replace the solar batteries in your dualpow solar charger after every 3 to 4 years.

2. Not use Dualpow for a long time

When you don’t use a solar charger for a long time and the battery is run out, then it’s hard to charge e solar power bank directly in sunlight. In this situation, you need to charge your dualpow with a direct current of the wall mount.

3. Damage Battery

If there is any damage reach to the dualpow battery then you need to change its battery with a new one.

4. Some Natural Factors

During camping, if there is no sign of sunlight for a very long time then dualpow will get less solar electricity. After that, it will give you the weak output of charging.

Strong and Powerful Battery: Dualpow solar charger 30000mah

Whenever you are looking for a solar charger, you are directly attracted to its battery power. Dualpow solar charger is unique and made from advanced lithium batteries which give you a total of 30,000mah. It is efficient for many days to charge your device, so you can joy easily during your trip.

Dualpow solar power bank will give you performance and reliability at the same time. You can charge twice your electronic devices like tablets or cell phones.

But you need to give time to fully charge the dualpow solar charger whether it charges from a wall mount or direct sunlight. Once you fully charge the dualpow solar power bank, it will store charging for two weeks or maybe more.


Now you get all the related information about dualpow solar charger and also you understand that its worth your money. You can enjoy your outdoor activities and connect with your family or friends instantly, and this happens only with dualpow solar charger.

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