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Montek Solar Generator 1000w – Price and Sale

Everyone needs an electric device like a generator because it is a more friendly and working tool for you in any situation or natural disaster. Solar generators are the best backup that runs automatically and gives you enough power for your electric devices. There is a huge variety of generators in the market and it is confusing which type of generator is best and convenient for you.

Don’t worry because now you have the best option to choose as an electricity backup if you are using Montek solar generator. Due to its friendly portability and its attractive features will surely attract you towards it. The style and handy size of the Montek solar generator make it more convenient for you.

What is Montek Solar Generator?

In this new technology era, we need something new and unique for our electronic appliances. Also, there is a variety of options for alternate electricity but, there is no match with Montek solar generator. Because it is a completely portable generator that catches energy from the sun. It means it is cost-efficient for you.

You will be surprised when you see Montek solar generator because it looks like a luxury suitcase. If you get this solar energy generator suitcase then you have everything at any time. Montek solar generator is unique and special from other generators because it includes an 80W strong solar charger, which only gives for the easiness of the customer.

You can see this charger inside the Montek generator, which is packed with specialized care. You can use this solar generator everywhere without any tension because it is made up of waterproof material. Also, its ports are covered with watertight sealing of rubber, which makes it efficient and reliable for you in any place.

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How does the Montek Solar Generator work?

The working style of Montek power is different from other solar generators, although the working process of Montek generator makes it reliable and efficient for lots of people. As it is specially equipped with the lithium polymer pouch on the battery pack, which is 25.9V.

It means the Montek generator is stronger because of the 273,000mah, 1010wh. It gives your electric appliances energy through a huge capacity of 3.7V, which is sufficient to charge your devices twice. Its polymer battery cells are made up of special Li-ion, which makes the Montek generator more stable and powerful.

Its battery cells are quite sufficient for the 18650 Li-ion battery cells. Because if a generator has a huge number of cells then it means it needs more capacity. But there are fewer cells in Montek, which makes it quite a more stable battery pack than others.

What you will get in Montek Solar Generator?

Well, there are lots of luxury things which you will get only in the Montek solar generator. First of all, you will get different 8 DC output ports which you can easily use anywhere you want and your friends too. With this huge amount of output ports, you can effectively power your variety of DC devices.

With these 8 DC ports, there are 5 DC ports of 12V and each sharing of 10A which is convenient for you. As you know a car socket only supports 12V which means 10A is the maximum.

You can easily plug in your electronic devices and get charge them in a minimum time because of the battery cells of the Montek generator. The second most important thing you will get in the Montek generator is the 3W LED special light, which you can use for lightning purposes anywhere you want.

This light will be helpful for you if you, unfortunately, face any natural disaster and it will work as an SOS tool for you. The third thing which you will get in the Montek generator is its soar charger.

You will get a unique folding style solar charger which is 80W. There is a special space inside the compartment of the generator where you can place it if you don’t want to use the charger.

Under the full shiny sun, you can charge your heavy machine within only 16 hours only because of an 80W charger. You can also have another option of the solar charger which is 120W, but it will not take an extra cost for you. There are lot more things you will get in this solar generator, which are the best and attractive tools for your help.

What is the difference between the Montek Solar generator and other generators?

1. Handy and Lightweight

The Montek solar generator is very helpful and handy as said above, because of its lightweight. It is 28 lbs in weight.  Besides the weight, the size of the Montek solar generator is only 475 X 406 X 120mm which makes it handier for any person. The other solar generator is heavy to carry and also their size is in huge shape.

2. The design of the Montek generator is waterproof

The other thing which makes Montek solar generator attractive is its waterproof design. In any scenario of rain or any other natural disaster, if you keep the lid of the Montek generator closed you don’t need to worry about your power station because of its waterproof material.

On the other hand, if you are not using the Montek generator then the material of the waterproof solar generator keeps away moisture or any other external damage. All these things make the Montek solar generator efficient and reliable than another solar generator.

Because there are a lot of solar generators but their material is not quite good for the rainy situation or not any other natural disaster. You can use the Montek generator in any type of emergency, which makes it a stronger electric backup device.

3. For real-time result there is a TFT display on the Montek Solar generator

Everyone wants a unique and advanced tool to use in any emergency, which gives you results according to your wish. In Montek solar generator, you can get real-time results through the TFT displays. With TFT, you can easily monitor the performance of your device in a second.

After getting a result, you can check the full details and information about the generator, which includes the capacity of the battery, the output voltage for DC/AC, other operational details the for fan, and much more. On the other hand, there is no TFT display on any other solar generators.

4. Strong and Smart cooling system

If you want another attractive reason that why you need to buy Montek solar generator than, you surely need to know about its intelligent cooling system. You don’t need to worry about the heating of the generator because it has one of the best safeguards which keep the generator cool when overheated.

Whenever the temperature of the Montek generator arises above 60° C then it will automatically start the cooling fan and this fan can boost its speed according to the situation of heat in the generator. On the other hand, you can get this advanced feature in any other solar generator.


Now you get all the information about Montek Solar Generator and also know that it is worth your money. There are different variants of the Montek generator, which usually start from $550.

It is a long-running electric backup device, which you can use anywhere or any place you want. You will get a suitcase-like generator which can fulfill your electric needs with waterproof material. The modern and unique features of the Montek generator are the best backup electric equipment for you.

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